Rest easy with intuitive project support.

Meet the platform that designs, communicates, and installs sizeable projects with resident & community experience in mind.

Meet an Assembly Engineer

Assembly certifies technology projects and communicates intricacies to mitigate challenges and improve the community experience.

Why OnboardAssembly?

You work hard to keep staff and residents happy. So do we.

Customize Design

We survey, review, and custom build large-scale tech projects that fit your community, benchmarks and budget. Everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Monitor construction

From scheduling unit entries to notifying of project updates, Assembly-verified technicians keep you, your staff, and residents in the loop with automated communication.

Verify contractors

Each Assembly-verified technician is equipped with a badge and online profile for residents to know who is in their home and why.

Stay protected

With more than 250,000 unit entries completed, Assembly-verified technicians are insured and trained for "worst case" scenarios.

Experience the difference.

Rest easy with resident-friendly technicians who communicate in real-time.

Onboard Turnkey

Anytime software and hands-on support meet, good things happen.